As the 80 million-strong fashion forces of the US alone (and still growing), the generation of Millennials is slowly but surely changing the face of beauty and self-expression. From their changing shopping habits, to how brands are adapting to their environmental awareness and style preferences, the ways of a Millennial fashionista are anything but ordinary – and it continues to rise in importance.

They are not only consumers, and thoughtful ones at that, but they are the creators of fashion, they are the ones who are bringing new trends into the streets, and taking over the power that used to belong exclusively to the haute couture world of catwalks and designers. They are, for all intents and purposes, the new voices of fashion that truly matter, and the following are the main realms of their impact.

The new world of influencers

Sure, the capitals of fashion, including Milan, Paris, London and New Work are still home to many a mighty fashion voice, from supermodels that flaunt their look outside the runways, as well as the designers that come up with ingenious combos. However, the throne is no longer reserved for the likes of Donatella Versace alone, as Millennials are stepping in to stay their bit, confidently and rebelliously so.

Instagram stardom and blogging fashionistas are the modern-day equivalents of trend-setters. These ladies and gents are using the world wide web to share their ideas, thoughts and inventions while making a meaningful impact on their community and earning a reputation along with a growing number of followers. Names such as  Gizele Oliveira , a model and a blogger from Espirito Santo in Brazil, and Aleali May , the athleisure icon for street style, now shape the preferences of contemporary trends.

Pushing the boundaries

We’ve had casual, we’ve had business, we’ve also had business-casual, but Millennials are creating what might be considered a revolution in purposeful dressing while maintaining your individual style. Uniform, dull, characterless clothing are out, and showing off your personality even in professional environments is in. The legendary Levi’s and their trademark jeans are the staple of a modern wardrobe, and with the rise of the haute denim trend seen this season, it’s only going to grow.

Other brands have risen to the occasion as well, creating outfits worthy of a beachy outing with cocktails under the sun, yet classy and comfortable enough to be easily found in a modern office. Stylish, sleek and authentic skirts aim to elevate self-expression to a whole new level. Millennials often prefer minimalism because of its practicality, and brands are eagerly taking the hint.

They are in it for the long haul

Clothing is no longer a seasonal thing, or at least not strictly that. Surely, they create and follow trends, and they do so with passion with every changing season, but Millennials are holding on to principles of sustainable lifestyles that shape their fashion decisions every day. That includes choosing fair-trade clothing companies that have abandoned the old ways of the industry, setting new standards for durable, gorgeous creations – think People Tree from the UK, who create accessories as well.

There are others who appeal to the Millennial population, including  PACT Apparel who are incredibly affordable in addition to being sustainable and Encircled from Canada who also connect with their customers with helpful tutorials. These are just some among many brands loved by Millennials precisely because they share the same Earth-friendly beliefs, and practice what they preach. Fast fashion is slowly being replaced by lasting, capsule names that embody everything a true Millennial stands for.
As a result, Millennials are not only defining the present perception of fashion and its leading voices, but they are also completely changing the direction of the industry. Aiming towards an eco-friendlier, planet-loving lifestyle, Millennials are not merely influencing it, but they are becoming the future of fashion.

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