This season, ADMProjects is focused on Women Empowerment in Africa.

With the release of the brand’s new collection themed OBINRIN meaning ‘WOMAN” in south-western part of Nigeria, the collection represents all African women who through their hands, create ART.
All fabrics used for the collection are hand-dyed in West Africa by artisans and each look is locally named and represents the qualities of a WOMAN.
For the love of art and making a living to feed their homes, ADMProjects empowers these amazing women who create dyes from leaves, roots, bark and flowers, and use them to make beautiful Adire prints which form the foundation of this collection.
The name of the looks and their meanings are:
OYE – Wisdom

ONÍGBOYÀ  -Courage


ALAGBARA – Powerful

YANGAN – Stylish

OFĘ  – Free spirit

LĘWA– Beautiful

ONIWA– Good character/courtesy

OLORI– Queen

IYA GBOGBO– Mother of all

IFE – Love

Styling and Creative Direction @kayito_n

Photography @foluartstudios

Model @queenonyemaechi

Makeup @bare2beauty

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