David Alan is a New York based custom fine jeweler atelier that translates you into metal and gems. With an unerring sense of how to capture emotion in a design that could only be yours, he’s not only a master craftsman, he’s a jewelry whisperer.

Your wedding date, your son’s birthstone, your grandmother’s ruby; when David Alan creates your custom piece of jewelry, it’s not just one-of-a-kind, it’s truly inspired by you. When you meet David for your first design consultation, he won’t just ask you questions about jewelry, he’ll ask about your life, your loves, your inspirations. And those personal details are transformed into secret messages in the jewelry he creates for you. It’s your life and passions translated into gems and metal, a personal talisman that couldn’t belong to anyone else. An inspiration that will become part of you when you wear it because it is a portrait of the things that you love the most.

You don’t need to know exactly what you want to begin the creative process: it’s as singular as your jewelry. David will brainstorm with you to set the direction, find you a selection of special gems to choose for your piece, sketch your design and craft your piece right there in his New York atelier, so it is yours from start to finish. The experience is informal and intimate. That is how David Alan does custom design: not just with his head and hands but also with his heart.

Below are the beautiful sampling of the possibilities. The bespoke rings are handmade to order and are customized with precious stones e.g Diamond, Marquise, Tourmaline, Aquarine etc and made with precious metals Platinum, 18k Rose|Yellow|Palladium-Gray Gold or Palladium.

We’re all connected through jewelry. It’s magic, really – David Alan