An observant follower tagged StylistCurator on Teni Oluwo’s instagram handle @style_territory. Apparently, the follower noticed the same thing as us : Her unique and unservile sense of style.

Meet the non-conformist who proudly shows off her style any time any day.

Can you tell our readers about yourself.

Teni Oluwo is a God and purpose driven , passionate , delicately unique, family oriented young creative taking over the world a project at a time. I am the creative director for Style Territory. The services we offer include Fashion Styling and Wardrobe Consultancy . I am also a brand and Image Strategist as well as a fashion writer.

How would you describe your style?

My style is expressive , unpredictable, men-inspired , urban with a hint of art.


What are your current obsessions?

Statement flat shoes , Edgy Sunglasses and rings

How did you become a fashion stylist? Have you always wanted to be a fashion stylist?

I would say fashion chose me because I have always loved fashion. I am from a family where everyone is crazy about fashion. Looking different and stylish has always been the norm for me.  However, professionally, I picked up a “9-5” as a Fashion editor and Head Stylist in 2013 for Monalisa Magazine (Owned by Nollywood actress, Monalisa Chinda). I did not know I would be a fashion stylist but I knew I was definitely going to work in the fashion industry.

What are the three crucial questions you would ask a potential client?

What do you want? When do you want it? What is your budget?

Were you taken by fashion growing up?

Oh yes! Fashion has always been an obsession. I have always been exposed to brands and style almost all my life.


What has been your drive in fashion styling?

I would say profound passion has been my drive and purpose. The desire to pave a different path and create new possibilities.

Are there days when you feel fashion industry fatigue?

Just like every job, there are days you are immensely stressed out either physically, mentally or emotionally. You contemplate quitting but Purpose and God’s Grace would be there to renew your strength and courage to keep pushing.


Who is your style icon?

I love Lisa Folawiyo’s Style. She gets it.

Beard gang or no beard gang?

Beard gang if you can keep it tidy. Lol

Just like every job, there are days you are immensely stressed out either physically, mentally or emotionally.