We couldn’t be more excited to host an Online ‘Fashion Police’ for the Ocean’s 8 Met Gala Themed Movie Premier held in Nigeria last month. We selected the best from across America, Mexico and Australia to make this happen!

Further adding a twist to it, Nigerian fashion illustrator Michael Shumaker illustrated our 5 best dressed stars. We love the illustrations!

Meet our Judges : Aquiles Carmona (Fashion stylist to music icon Janet Jackson), Bryan Alexis (Published New York City based fashion stylist), Jvdas Berra (Fashion Fine Art Photographer named by Forbes as the artist who revolutionized fashion photography in Mexico and Latin America), Zara Hasan (Melbourne based Fashion Designer and owner Minnow Zola)

Aquiles Carmona

Aquiles is the one of the genius duo behind the iconic Janet Jackson’s look. From styling her music videos to touring with her, Aquiles is highly noted for creating avant garde looks that resonates creative freedom. She is currently on tour with Janet and judged these looks out of her busy schedule. Can you guess her best dressed?

Bryan Alexis

Bryan is half of the creative director and Stylist duo with his partner in crime Miguel Carlos Martinez based out of New York City. He was born and raised in one of the biggest city of Puerto Rico named Ponce.

He is so excited to be judging these looks for the Met Gala Themed Ocean 8 Movie Premier in Nigeria and thinks everyone looked stunning. In his words, “These ladies for sure SHUT IT DOWN!”

Jvdas Berra

Named by Forbes as one of the artists who revolutionizes fashion photography in Mexico and one of the 10 most Influential photographers by E! He has being featured in Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Forbes, Nylon, Marie Claire, Design Scene, Instyle, Image Amplified amongst others. His fine work art is exhibited at the prestigious Fine Art Gallery ‘These Fine Walls’ in New York and ‘Art Angels’ in Los Angeles, California alongside other world class artists artists like Andy Warhol, David Luchapelle, Michael Moebuis etc.

Zara Hasan

Call her a modest designer, Creative Director of Australian fashion brand Minnow Zola believes you can be modest in your heart and in the way you dress. She believes you can combine a way of dressing that speaks about who you are as a person. Modesty is different for everyone but for Zara, it is being ethical, being sustainable, caring for people and the environment. Zara loved all the outfits but one stood out. Find out…

Read their thoughts below:


Aquiles : Osas, looks so fierce! I love the elegance and drama that this look entails. This is the type of show stopping gown you wear when you want to demand attention, and exude confidence. The fit is great, I live for a high slit, and the peacock tail is everythiiiiiing you need for a real show stopping met gala moment!

Bryan: Osas wore a beautiful black gown with a peacock cape designed by Africcana. This is a very chic look despite it being over the top, it was simply styled to perfection with the stud earrings & a simple ring.

Jvdas: Osas is my 5th best dressed!

Aquiles: Shaffy is so spot on with this year’s Met Gala theme! I live for a dramatic bell sleeve. The fabric is a little heavy so we are loosing a bit of her body’s shape, but the over all effect of this look is great, giving me full religious icon couture goddess!!!!

Bryan: Shaffy wore a gold Heavenly Bodies inspired gown & crown by Enthyst Fashion Klinik. Gorgeous choice for Shaffy, she looks amazing in this killer chic look.

Jvdas: Shaffy is my best dressed!

Aquiles: Nowe is an angelic vision in this beautiful high low cut gown. The head piece is such a powerful focal point to this look. I wish the beaded top would be taken in just a little around the waist to really accentuate the body but the cut of her skirt is giving her legs for daaaaaays. I liiiive!!!

Bryan: Nowe wore a stunning white off the shoulder embellished gown by Jane Michael Ekanem & Heavenly Bodies Inspired Headpiece by Urez Kulture. This look is a 10, simply amazing!

Jvdas: Nowe is my 4th best dressed!

Zara : I love Nowe’s dress, she looks amazing!

Aquiles: I love the idea for this gown on Trayciee and the texture is so so good!! But I am loosing her in this gown, its almost unshapely, but I know this must have looked so gorgeous under the shining lights of a red carpet event. I would’ve toned down the foil appliqués around the neck and on the hair because the make up is just so beautiful. Maybe a big hair moment to frame her face and add a little funky drama!

Bryan: Trayciee wore a metálica gown by Bui Fabrics. This is a showstopper on the carpet because  the dress shines on its own, however it takes a strong beautiful women to carry this with grace & elegance. In my most humble opinion this is a mission accomplished here, definitely my top #1 best dressed.

Jvdas: Trayciee is my 2nd best dressed!

Aquiles: Yass Idia I’m living for the color of this gown!! The pink and gold pop sooo nicely in the pictures I could only imagine how great it must have looked in person shimmering under all the lights. You look like a star and I’m sure you felt it. I feel like the headdress might be a little unnecessary, I would have loved the focus to be on the fierce long braid, maybe braiding some gold through the locks would have been a great moment. But the drama of your fabric and cut of the dress with a train is so amazing. I love a dress that keeps you mesmerized even after you’ve left the room!

Bryan: Idia wore a stunning mini dress with detachable train by Toju Foyeh & a gorgeous gold crown by Omoge Collections. This look is what I would have styled her in, if she was our client for the carpet. Simply #Stunning

Jvdas: Idia is my 3rd best dressed!

Thank you to our judges! We absolutely loved doing this!