This year’s valentine day is not one I would forget in a hurry. It was the day I visited an orphanage. I have a vague memory of orphanage visitations because I can count the number of times I visited one but 14th February, 2016 changed on all that.

I visited a Children’s hospital in Lagos Island, Nigeria. It hit me how gratitude should be on my lips whether things are okay or not. I saw parents hoping and praying that their kids get better, channeling all their resources to save their children’s life. I saw kids with different scary ailments praying to be able to play with their friends and laugh again, wishing to go back to school.

It was so emotional for me and that day I made up my mind never to complain again. It didn’t cost much for this visit. This is money that one might probably indulge on a bag or a pair of shoe or even food! The visit made me decide to do more of this because no matter how little, it will surely put a smile on someone’s face.

Success isn’t only when we achieve but also when we help others achieve. The pain I saw on the faces of the children and their parents made me very emotional. Life isn’t fair. The world is wicked.