Thinking of France, majority of travellers consider Paris as the place to be. The capital of haute couture is mainly famous for fashion week and a prestigious lifestyle.

When you take the train to Paris, starting your trip in Germany, the first stop in France will be Strasbourg. Strasbourg is the capital of The Alsace, a Region located in north-east France.

The Alsace, mainly know for its vast history, originally being a part of Germany is just beautiful! As a photographer, you will be able to capture amazing landscapes, including hilly green fields and dark almost magical forests.

Besides nature, there are cute little villages, including amazing bakery shops, such as the one I visited in Wissembourg.

Leaving the countryside you would only have the cities on your ‘to-do list’

Strasbourg has this small town find one normally desperately searches for in a city. Despite the prejudices of being a ghost town The Alsace has to face, Strasbourg is a vivid city full of young people. Besides street art, you stumble across multicultural districts, influenced by Arabians.

The Strasbourg Cathedral known as Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg (French: Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg), may only be one of the sights you’ll discover in the old town. Due to the small size of the town, you can easily visit the sights by food.

What about the food?

Even if the French have not invented the Spätzel, a typical German pasta, they are taking the sauces to the next level. One place to recommend would be “La Corde à Linge”. After catching lunch you can take a walk on a sidewalk next to the L` Ill, which frames the old town in a beautiful way or you join one of the boat tours.

Let´s explore!



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