9.35am Wednesday 16th November 2016: Lounging, chilling and sort of gossiping with my sister…Stuff ladies do. We stumble across a social media post for a fashion show taking place that day. I remember we looked at it and concluded immediately it was going to be a below par sort of thing. She mentioned being invited but of course we concluded we weren’t going.

Side dish: I love going out.

3pm: At the mall, shopping for essentials for my vacation trip to South Africa. Phone rings.

Bibi: Dearie, where are you?

Me: At the mall.

Bibi: There’s this event a friend wants to attend. She wants us to join her.

Me: Okay I’ll hurry up and meet you at home.

Same day 4pm

Bibi: Dearie where are you?!

Me: I’ll be at home in 10 minutes… I got home in 30 minutes. LOL

We get ready for the event, a fashion show. I love fashion shows by the way. We get there.  And guess what! Boom! It was the same show we earlier dismissed. I looked my sister with the ‘did you just deceive me into attending this show’ look. I was already angry, restless and completely mad at her.

Show starts.  I’ve never seen a show as boring as that in my entire life. But I got this guy who sat opposite me that got me so engrossed with laughing and taking videos of him funnily dancing to the beat of the music the DJ was playing.

We stay for a while and then leave to find something to eat. I was already giving my sister an attitude for making me stop my shopping at the mall and run back home for the same event we dissed!

We get to Hard Rock Café and apparently some event was going on.  The red carpet banner showed ‘She Rocks!. I was like ‘She Rocks?’ what is that? Anyways, we get in and I immediately knew the cosmos was going to compensate me for the boring time at the fashion show.

She Rocks! Is a platform that celebrates women in the media, entertainment, arts and movie industry with good food, drinks, ambience, and outstanding entertainment.  I was so happy I walked into their November edition. It is a platform that preaches the ‘Women supporting women’ movement. An all ladies band (Mor and Morchics Band) was playing and it was so fascinating to see a female guitarist, drummer playing so passionately and boy! They were so good including the singers.

The event was hosted by Lolo1 and Faith History. November birthdays were celebrated. Multi Media Personality and author Toke Makinwa and an attendee were on stage to cut the cake baked by Chef Eros of Cookie Jar Bakery. It was a fun time as actress Kate Henshaw, Ebonylife TV Chief Executive Officer Mo’ Abudu, Chief Operating Officer of Air Peace Engr. Mrs Toyin Olajide, Zaron Cosmetics CEO Oke Maduewesi were honoured.  The highlight of the event was a surprise award to Radio Host/Comedienne Lolo 1 and also co-host of the event.

The official DJ for the event DJ Nana was so good! There was also a guest DJ appearance from DJ Toxiq based in the United States.

Upcoming singer Saeon Moruda capped the night with an amazing performance from her music collection and new single.

It was so refreshing seeing women appreciating and loving each other with so much positive vibes and energy.

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