Dami : Hi Jeanette! How do you do? Are you available to try our new grill menu at Shiro?

Jeanette: Hi Dami! I’m great and you? Sure, I would love to!

A little digression: I am such a foodie! Huh! Do foodies have a coming out of the closet thingy? Well, take this as mine. I’m an unrepentant foodie. But it never shows… Guess it goes to my awesomeness!

Anyways, I really looked forward to the day. I mean, it’s Shiro… their food never disappoints.

The day finally arrives, but then, it seems like the Lagos traffic witches had a meeting same day. Was terribly held up in traffic in Victoria Island for over an hour! What a joke! I almost cancelled, I mean an hour late? But then, my taste buds nudged me, ‘it’s Grill night Jeanette’!

I finally arrive, mumbled my apologies. Dami understood when I called her earlier that I was running late. She was such a great host!

I sat at my table, said hi to the other invited Influencers and helped myself to a glass of red wine.

And then the menu: For starter, I ordered the yummiest corn ever : Sriracha corn on the cob, which is fresh corn glazed with hot sriracha sauce and grilled to perfection. It was so so tasty! I loved it!

I also noticed the other Influencers at the table enjoyed theirs too. Jennifer @ LadyVhodka loved it too! same with Ozinna and Pinghwa.

The main course was Javanese curried lamb chops, which is lamb chops rubbed with bold Indonesian spices and grilled to perfection. It was ah!mazing. Never had lamb chops so good! I could eat it everyday!

Dessert was this nice ensemble of perfectly decorated cakes. With the presentation, you wouldn’t want to eat them but take pictures with them all day.

It was an evening of fun, food and of course meeting new people! It was a 10 for me. From the ambience, to the food and service. Well done Shiro! Would definitely visit again.

And oh! Dami mentioned the truffled exotic mushrooms is a must have. It’s an aromatic grilled pouch of enoki, shimeji, shiitake, sake with Asian barbeque butter and truffle oil. Side note: She isn’t a huge fan of mushrooms but having that definitely changed her take. 

Shiro Grill Nights is every Thursdays and Saturdays by 7pm onward. You should visit!



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