Today is the day of reckoning.

I feel the breeze, the air has that seasonal sensational smell.

The cold mornings and hot afternoons.

Harmattan is coming…

Harmattan… the long awaited …..  DECEMBER weather….  or is it a climate?

Didn’t they teach us this in elementary school?

Who cares? All I know is that climate change exists.

Hot humid days and cold windy nights.

I call it… Confusion.

Weather Confusion.

Summer and Winter looking for attention in these streets.

Let’s not forget ..  it is the Christmas season.

Merry Christmas folks!

To be selfish or selfless. Choose your path young Jedi.

Brexit, America’s elections, Cyber Wars, Recessions, death of favorite classic artists (Prince dies, George Micheal dies), etc.

I need to be happy.

I need gifts…Lots of them.

I will buy gifts for my loved ones.  But can I just receive more this year?

It is almost 2017.

New year resolution….